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2017s Best Bathroom Additions

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New year, new bathroom? You may have decided that you bathroom needs some updating or you may be building one from new – either way your bathroom is somewhere you spend a lot of your time in, so it is a space that needs to be functional and easy to maintain. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be dull! Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate 2017s best bathroom trends into your home.


In recent years we have seen the increase in the ever stylish and easy, walk-in shower. 2017 will see the addition of walk-in shower and bathtub space. Combining the two is practical but also stylish, separating your bathroom into two zones, one for bathing the other for storage and pampering.


Storage solutions have been evolving over the past decade,  so when you think of storage, don’t think about the standard, boring bathroom cabinet or uninspiring tall cupboard. Try experimenting with ornate and decadent shelving units or cupboards.

Or, if you’re planning an ultra-modern bathroom, then maybe seamless built in storage would suit – bespoke to your bathroom, it will look timeless but also make the most practical addition.


Technology is helping homeowners become more eco-friendly and live within their means, and this technology has also come to bathroom design. LED Lighting has been developed to be installed in your bathtub and it can indicate when your bath has reach your optimum temperature. You can also set water limits to ensure your tub doesn’t overflow. These digital bath and shower controls help you moderate water consumption and are kind are your household bills.

Toilet Revamp

Rimless Toilets will also be seen in more bathrooms this year. This style of toilet means there’s less need for cleaning and helps for a more effective flush, meaning less unhygienic spray from your toilet. They also look very contemporary, perfect for a new bathroom.

Think outside the box

Or rather, ‘think outside the sink’, whilst 2016 was all about succulent plant pots, why not take this one step further and introduce a sink that has a section for some foliage. This adds texture and life (quite literally) to your bathroom, making you feel like you’re in your own paradise haven! Just make sure there are the right plants to thrive in that environment – tropical and evergreen plants are perfect.

Combine your plant features with natural materials like stone and wood, and there you have a bathroom that feels luxurious and very on trend.