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4 things you need to include in en suite bathrooms

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Having an en suite bathroom has to be the ultimate luxury and something that many households are considering. Who wouldn’t want to be able to slide out of bed and into an elegant and stylish bathroom in one quick swoop?

The planning of your en suite bathroom should be detailed and well thought out. As you are likely to be working with a much smaller space than your main bathroom, you will need to think about how best to use the space so that it works well for you. After all, there isn’t much point in having an en suite bathroom if you still have to run to the main bathroom to grab your bits and bobs every time you need a shower.


Light is everything in an en suite bathroom. If you can have a window in your en suite then natural light is optimal but if you then you need to install enough lighting so that you can see what you’re doing when getting ready but also need to consider that you probably don’t want the other person in the bedroom to feel like they are at Blackpool illuminations when you switch the bathroom light on. Having two types of lighting, soft and bright, in your bathroom is great for those late night trips to the loo or early mornings when harsh light is the last thing you need.


Let’s face it; you can never have too much storage. However, in an en suite bathroom where you are limited with space, clever storage solutions are essential. Mirrored cabinets combine two bathroom essentials in one and you may also wish to consider storage nooks in the walls where you can keep shower products or loo rolls next to the toilet. Personalise your storage options so that they work for you in order to make the most of your en suite bathroom.


Nobody wants a damp bathroom but especially so with an en suite bathroom as it is so close to the bedroom. It is essential that you think about proper extraction when planning your en suite bathroom. You want to get rid of any steam but also don’t want it to be too lad as to disturb any sleeping partner in the adjacent bedroom.


There is nothing worse than going for your morning shower in a freezing cold bathroom – not a nice way to be woken up. If you have the space then you may opt for a heated towel rail as it also gives you somewhere to hang your towel ready for when you get out. If your en suite bathroom is short on space then perhaps you may want to consider under floor heating as a space saving solution.

Remembering these 4 essentials will ensure you have an en suite bathroom you’ll really make use of.