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4 Ways to Heat Up Your Bathroom

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There is nothing nicer now that the cold weather has really started to set in than luxuriating in a nice warm bath with a good book, and nothing worse than stepping out of that bath into a cold bathroom.

Here are just four ways in which you can heat up your bathroom to help make it feel warm and cosy.

Underfloor Heating

If you are having your bathroom redone then this can present you with the perfect opportunity to install underfloor heating. This represents the ultimate in luxury heating for any bathroom and is the perfect way to eradicate the feel of cold tiles underfoot. There are two types of underfloor heating which you can have installed, one uses a series of electrical wires the other uses hot water pipes. Both types require professional installation which can be expensive but the running costs are surprisingly cheap.


When it comes to warming up your bathroom there is nothing wrong with the more traditional radiator. If you have a period bathroom there are some great radiators on the market that will give that more authentic old-fashioned appearance to your bathroom but are thoroughly modern and will provide an effective way of heating your bathroom up.

Heated Towel Rail

There is nothing better than stepping out of your shower or bath and wrapping yourself up in a warm towel courtesy of your heated towel rail. If your bathroom is on the smaller side then a heated towel rail can be the perfect way to provide enough heat to warm it up and add functionality in the form of somewhere to hang your towels which can really help to maximise space, they are also the prefect heating solution for an en-suite. Heated towel rails can also be used to make a real design statement in any room, the sit close to the wall and come in a wide variety of stunning designs.


The way in which you use colour and accessories in your bathroom can go a long way towards making it feel much warmer. Pay careful attention to you’re the lighting that you use in your bathroom, it should be bright enough to see properly but too bright and it can make your bathroom feel colder. Use warm colours, or at least hints of them in your colour scheme to create a warm feel. Add soft fluffy towels in warm shades and make sure that you break up any large areas of colder colours with touches of warm vibrant colour.

With these tips, there’s really no reason your bathroom should feel the cold this winter.