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Author: steve baker

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How to Plan a Luxury En-suite Bathroom

Whilst having an en-suite bathroom is a luxury in itself for most, there are plenty of other ways to make the most of the space you have. With the right

Mixer taps vs hot and cold what’s best for your bathroom?

Your bathroom might only be in use for a short amount of time during each day but it generates a huge amount of design questions. Deciding whether to go for

Making Your Bathroom Shine

The bathroom is a place where we carry out our hygiene routines, so we like a clean and healthy environment to do so in. Using materials such as chrome and

Can Your Bathroom be Child-friendly AND Glamorous?

It is probably the dream of most women to have a bathroom that is worthy of the most glamorous Hollywood stars. The trouble is that real life can get in

Brighten Up Your Bathroom For Winter

The bright sunny days of the summer are behind us now and colder seasons are right around the corner. Whilst decorating your home you may with to brighten your space