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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating in Bathrooms

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Underfloor heating is a common method of heating homes in Scandinavian countries. Here in the UK, we are beginning to realise its benefits too, especially in the bathroom. But why is underfloor heating so convenient? And why does it suit the bathroom in particular?

Hidden Heating Technology

Underfloor heating is hidden beneath your feet. There are no radiators to clutter wall space, nothing to impede on what can be limited space in the bathroom.

Efficient heating

Underfloor heating is an efficient, cost-effective means of heating your home. In a well-insulated property, it can save as much as 25% off your annual heating bill.

A fantastic hidden source

Many people worry that the heat will be too gentle, and the bathroom will feel cold. Underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature but it is a constant heat, meaning that the bathroom will not feel cold. And, it won’t mean a bigger heating bill either.

It can be stand-alone or part of a larger system

Underfloor heating works well in any room, a reason why many homeowners are installing electric or water underfloor heating systems throughout their properties, on lower level floors and upper levels too.

Underfloor heating in a bathroom can be a stand-alone system – in other words, you only use this type of heating in the bathroom, with the rest of the house heated by a central heating system for example.

Or it can be part of a bigger system. With multi-zoned systems, you can isolate rooms and control the temperatures within them. For example, you can turn the heat up in the bathroom if you plan on having a long soak in the bath, but turn down the level of heat at other times.

It’s luxurious

Frankly, there is something simply delightful about your feet on a warm floor. It feels luxurious and delightfully decadent which is why many homeowners are installing underfloor heating in their bathrooms.

It suits the typical bathroom floor covering

Underfloor heating works best with a floor covering that conducts heat well, and holds on to it for a long time. Tiles work well with underfloor heating, a perfect flooring solution for the bathroom – a perfect partnership.

It’s simple, clean, and highly efficient

As a heating system, there is nothing cleaner, nothing simpler and nothing more effective than underfloor heating. Easy to fit, simple to use and amazingly cost-effective.

Find out more about underfloor heating in your bathroom today by asking your bathroom specialist.