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Brighten Up Your Bathroom For Winter

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The bright sunny days of the summer are behind us now and colder seasons are right around the corner. Whilst decorating your home you may with to brighten your space and bring a little colour and warmth into the inside, specifically in the bathrooms where finishes can leave the area feeling stark and cold. Discussed below are some excellent tips to help bring a little brightness into your bathroom this winter.

Introduce Some Colour

Tap into your creative side and bring some cheer into the bathroom by introducing some bright colour into the space. Painting the walls a sunny shade will significantly brighten the room.

If painting doesn’t suit your fancy introducing colour can be done through accents and accessories. Hand towels, shower curtains, bathmats and window treatments are a great example of items that can be done in colour to provide a vibrant, uplifting feel. Rich shades of red, green, yellow and orange will have a huge impact whilst trying to breathe some new life into the room.

Incorporate Plant Life

A few well-placed plants can make a world of difference in a small space such as a bathroom. Plants allow you to bring touches of the outdoors in and even give the space a tropical feel with colourful blossoms and flowers. Incorporating plants into your bathroom will not only brighten the environment but also improve the overall quality of the air. When selecting plants for an indoor space be sure to check with your local nursery for advice on plants that do well indoors, even with the low light conditions of the winter season.

Ensure Good Lighting

Winter weather is very dark and gloomy so in smaller spaces it is important to ensure proper lighting. Without good light sources the room will be dark and uninviting. Sometimes a single light source overhead is not enough, so you may wish to add some wall sconces, vanity lighting or lamps to keep things feeling bright and sunny.

A Good Old Fashioned Scrubbing

Sometimes a space doesn’t need any major changes at all – instead a good and thorough scrubbing will restore the shine and help drastically when trying to brighten up a bathroom. Restore the fixtures to a gleaming state, launder the shower curtain, mats and other linens, and even consider re-grouting the tile. Touch up the paint and trim as well. Giving the bathroom a proper clean will ensure everything is fresh and bright, helping to fight off the winter dulls.