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How to bring texture into the bathroom

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Although the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, it plays a huge role in our day to day lives. In fact, the average person will spend approximately three years in the bathroom throughout their life. So it only makes sense that your bathroom design be as warm and inviting as possible.


Creating a soothing and tranquil bathroom space can seem like a daunting task, especially when most bathroom fixtures have shiny and slick surfaces that can give a cold and sterile atmosphere. This is where adding texture can dramatically improve booth the look and feel of your bathroom. Here are a few simple ways to add eye pleasing texture to your bathroom space.

Stone Wall Accents

Stone wall accents offer a relatively simple way to add a stunning touch of texture to one or all of your bathroom walls, it also works very well as a shower or tub wall embellishment. You can also try using different styles, or colours of faux stone tiles on more than one wall to add a bold, and dramatic look.

Floor to Ceiling Three-dimensional Wall Treatments

Three-dimensional wall treatments allow you to add a sophisticated texture component to any bathroom space. This can be done using either a three-dimensional tile arranged in a geometric pattern (which can be quite costly), or bathroom panels ( a less expensive option). If you’re planning on having a minimalist theme to your bathroom, or if you’re planning to use very little colour combinations, three dimensional wall treatments are an ideal choice.


Add a “Living Wall”

Also referred to as a “vertical garden”, a living wall is the ultimate in visually striking focal points. Living walls of course require a fair bit more maintenance than textured tiles or bathroom panels, but the absolutely stunning look that they provide makes it well worth the additional TLC. Living walls thrive in bathrooms due to the high amount of moisture produced by the shower, tub, sink, etc. However if your bathroom does not get a whole lot of natural light, you will want to research the plant life that you plan to use first, and choose greenery that does not require an abundance of sunlight to thrive.


Don’t Forget The Ceiling

We don’t typically look at the ceiling when we walk into the bathroom, which is probably why it’s the most neglected part of the bathroom. But believe it or not, adding texture to your ceiling using tile, or even simple stucco, will add a texture component that will complete the entire look and feel of your bathroom.