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What Are Bathroom Shops Near Me Saying is on Trend this winter?

This winter is an exciting time to re-vamp and update your bathroom simply because of the amazing key trends in bathroom design that are coming to bathroom shops near you.

How to Choose Fitted Bathroom Furniture That Looks on Trend Forever

When it comes the bathroom, replacing the old one with a modern, up-to-date bathroom often takes up a large slice of your budget. We understand why when people undertake planning,

Bespoke Bathroom Designs

It is often said that one of the most important rooms in any home has to be the bathroom this has, especially in recent years, shown to be the case.

En suite Bathrooms

An en suite bathroom used to be something that only the most expensive of homes possessed but nowadays they have become not only an affordable luxury, but also an essential

Wet Rooms

There are many reasons for choosing a wet room but whatever this may be it is absolutely critical to ensure that you get the design and installation right. If you

En suite bathrooms

What could be more decadent than a bathroom within feet of your bed? An en suite is not only highly convenient for late night trips to the loo or early

Hyde Park bathrooms

Hyde Park is renowned for high end luxury and class. The area is awash with style, glamour and high quality and that is exactly what Charles Christian offer in all

Modern bathroom designs

Charles Christian are renowned for high end bathroom luxury and our modern bathroom designs are no different. We have always worked with the best suppliers in order to give you

Wet room designs

Wet room designs are definitely in fashion right now. With more and more people realising the potential a wet room adds to their home and to their house price, they

Short on space? Wet room designs for smaller bathrooms

Wet rooms are a simplistic yet ingenious idea if you are short on space but would like to add an extra bathroom or simply make the most of your small

Themed Hyde Park bathrooms don’t have to be brash

When you think of themed rooms, the image of bright and bold colour schemes and garish accessories may spring to mind. This is definitely too over the top for a

Modern Bathroom Design hacks you’ll love

Modern bathrooms are now taking on a chic, simplistic and original feel as trends move away from overly fussy and busy bathrooms. The days of the toilet roll doily dollies