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What to Look for in the Best Bathroom Stores and Shops in London

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When it comes to working with bathroom designers and installers, you may think that every business is the same. It can’t be hard, surely, to plan, design and install a bathroom?

However, when the hard work is done, there may be a few things you notice, like the small gap at the end of the basin unit that attracts dust, or the wasted space next to the shower unit that could be a towel rack.

We could go on but as one of the best bathroom stores and shops in London, we understand what it is customers are looking for when it comes to bathroom design and installation:

Creative solutions

The bathroom can be compact and yet, within that space, you want a shower, bath, double basin and toilet fitting. You want other items too. Frankly, the best bathroom stores and shops in London will offer creative solutions to the issues at hand.

Looking to maximum storage space, for example, or locating the heated towel rail in the place where it is convenient, but not in the way. There are all kinds of issues when designing and installing a bathroom, some that are obvious before but others creep up during installation.

You want a bathroom installation company that has the knowledge and the creative ability to see and ‘fix’ problems.


As a customer, you will rely on the bathroom designer and installer to create the best bathroom possible for you. This means creating a design that fits your bathroom and fits you.

However, it can sometimes feel that you are not getting the choices that you thought you would. Rather than being consulted on what is happening, the design and so on, you are being ‘told’ what will fit, what will look best and so on.

The best bathroom stores and shops in London will work with their customers, noting in detail their likes and dislikes, managing the budget but still creating the perfect bathroom retreat.


Knowledge of plumbing, how products work, the way in which to get the best out of bathroom design and so on are all attributes that you, as a customer, will rely on the designer and installation team for.

Not all bathroom companies and shops offer this. And you will find all this out by taking note of the reviews previous customers leave in relation to the bathroom company.

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