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Luxury bathrooms for lower mobility

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The bathroom should be a place where you can feel relaxed and take some time out to pamper yourself. As we get older and our mobility levels begin to decrease, using the bathroom in the way we would like can become more difficult.

There are many options on the market to aid mobility in and around the bathroom and help people who struggle to manoeuvre themselves, to continue to enjoy their bathing experiences.But you do not need to sacrifice luxury when looking at installing mobility aids in the bathroom.

Walk in baths and showers

Some people may find shower and bath chairs or lifts cumbersome and unattractive, but may not know there are other options out there. A walk in bath or shower can look almost identical to a traditional bath, meaning you don’t need to sacrifice the aesthetics in order to have a practical bathing option. Walk in baths come in a variety of designs so you will be able to choose one to fit into your luxurious bathroom theme.

Wet rooms

Another option for individuals who may struggle with their mobility is for them to transform their bathroom into a wet room. A wet room consists of tiles on the walls and floor meaning that one can walk straight into a shower and out again without having to negotiate any steps or raised flooring. The shower area can take up a larger amount of room if it required and it doesn’t matter if a mess is made or waters sprays everywhere as that is what a wet room is designed for. Wet rooms can be tiled in any colour you desire giving your wet room a luxurious, designer appearance.


Individuals who suffer limited mobility may not have it limited to their legs. As people age, they can suffer illnesses such as arthritis which can restrict movements in the hands. Often, the taps that have been in a person’s bathroom are not designed to help people who struggle with gripping or movement in their hands and fingers. Instead of buying tap grips, which while helping you to grip and turn the tap, can be unattractive and stand out in the worst way. There are taps available on the market, which are designed with reduced mobility in mind. Replacing taps is a simple job and can ensure your bathroom keeps its luxurious feel while enabling those with mobility difficulties to continue to use it with ease.