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How to mix décor and tech trends in your bathroom

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There are a mind-boggling number of new bathroom tech toys out there, each with the promise of making your bathroom time more fun, easier, cleaner and even mood enhancing. As with most gadgets, the design is focused on sleek, modern looking devices. Some gadget lovers may be happy to embrace this futuristic style but other would like to benefit from the tech trends without submitting to gadget chic. With this in mind, we have been hunting down some of the most exciting tech trends out there for both camps.

Modern, sleek and loving it.

For those who love tech style, a tap that doubles as a hand dryer is a hot trend in bathrooms in London. If a built-in hand dryer doesn’t tick your boxes, how about LED temperature controlled tap? It glows red or blue depending on whether it’s hot or cold. Bathroom design in London is also giving the nod to a funky array of tech enabled showers. One particularly smart shower customises the water stream, alternates hot and cold water for healthy circulation and plays music whilst you wash. It can also be pre-programmed for the preferences of different family members. Now that’s clever, but if it just doesn’t make you happy enough, how about some mood enhancing LED lights for your cubicle? And of course, a tech enabled bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a self-opening, self-flushing, self-cleaning toilet. Obviously.


Classic and chic

Tech companies have also applied some sensitivity to bathroom design preferences and blended high tech gadgets with subtle, classic style allowing bathrooms in London to embrace tech without ruining their style. There are a number of Bluetooth enabled baths in a range of styles, that enable you to listen to music, podcasts etc. whilst in or out of the bath. Water resistant speakers, which are specially calibrated to echo-ey bathrooms can be hidden in cabinets. A very on trend TV mirror can be blended into any style of bathroom design in London as it turns back into a normal mirror as soon as the television function is turned off, as does a similar gadget which works in the shower.


As tech companies evolve, we hope that they continue to recognise that clever bathroom design blends old and new, elegance and tech and give consumers the breadth of choice that people value.