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Modern Bathroom Design hacks you’ll love

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Modern bathrooms are now taking on a chic, simplistic and original feel as trends move away from overly fussy and busy bathrooms. The days of the toilet roll doily dollies are long gone! These clean and simple modern bathroom designs are allowing people to create more interesting storage solutions and unique style statements in the most used room of the home.

Here are some modern bathroom design hacks that you will be dying to incorporate into your own bathroom to give it that unique flair.

Secret storage

Finding new and innovative storage spaces to hide all of your bathroom products out of sight is a big part of modern bathroom design. From pull out cupboard drawers to baskets on the inside of cupboard doors and even under the bath storage – keeping your make-up, toothpaste and shaving cream out of sight has never been easier. You can get your bathroom designed with all of the latest storage solutions or opt to create them yourself with a few simple adjustments. Either way, your bathroom will look much cleaner and brighter without all of your products littering the sides of the sink and bath.


Using objects for uses beside their original design is a big trend right now. The bathroom is a great space to get creative and mix it up with some unique touches. For example, take out your old towel holder and replace is with a coat rack or row of coat pegs. Not only can you fit more towels on that way but gives your bathroom a modern and quirky twist. Another quirky hack is to use statues and ornaments in your bathroom. These help you add a touch of fun and personality to your bathroom but they can also be used to hold towels and toothbrushes. Who doesn’t like accepting their towel off a bronze statue?

Using unused space

Modern bathroom designs are beginning to find uses for all of the traditionally unused space in the room. One big design trend is to add shelving above the toilet and door; previously unused spaces to add extra storage options or to add artwork or accessories to personalise your bathroom. Another modern bathroom design sees the corners of the bathroom being utilised for showers, toilets and basins in order to create more floor space in the middle of the room. You can order made to measure units for this to ensure that they fit snugly into your bathroom.

Modern bathroom designs are allowing you to add a touch of fun and personality into your bathroom to create a chic and stylish room for the whole family.