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Summer trends in bathroom design

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Spring is the time many of us come out of our winter hibernation and start to decide how to make our homes look fabulous for the summer. If your bathroom is in need of a spruce up, there are some gorgeous trends that make the most of that warm summer light to inspire you.

Inspired by history

For the smartest bathrooms in London, heritage design is hot this season. Taking inspiration from vintage elegance, roll top baths and brass fittings could be the key to creating this look in your bathroom. Pale blues, greens and neutrals add a touch of class to this classic style. If you enjoy making a bold statement, how about some art deco inspired black and white tiles on the floor?

Back to basics

Soft, clean lines are key to the natural look, which is driving a lot of bathroom design in London at the moment. Adding in wood and stone gives character and warmth to your look. Wood panelling and stone basins give softer lines to sleek modern appliances. Add some soothing lighting and to complete the look, keep grout lines to a minimum by using large tiles and panels.

Bold and dramatic

A splash of colour and some daring geometric designs can be invigorating and fun. Bathroom designers in London and across the UK are using bold floral patterns and high gloss cabinets to add dramatic effect. Choose single blocks of colour, especially for smaller bathrooms or select beautiful colourful accessories if a more permanent statement is a little too daunting!

Glossy glamour

Sparkle and shimmer to reflect the light is bang on bathroom trend that’s sure to impress. Glossy furniture and coloured glass will make your bathroom feel open and bright. Flush to floor showers and wet rooms featuring glass and chrome follow this trend of light and space and give a luxurious spa feel to your bathroom.

Space chic

The metallic trend has arrived and is featuring heavily in 2017 bathroom design. The soft metal tones of brass, copper and rose gold are adding warmth to bathrooms in London. Taps and mirror frames are a great way of incorporating this trend into your home.


Whether it’s classic heritage or modern minimalism that floats your boat, there’s something for everyone in this season’s collection. Just remember to keep the focus on light and space to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.