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bathroom design trends 2015

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Hyde Park bathrooms

Hyde Park is renowned for high end luxury and class. The area is awash with style, glamour and high quality and that is exactly what Charles Christian offer in all

Themed Hyde Park bathrooms don’t have to be brash

When you think of themed rooms, the image of bright and bold colour schemes and garish accessories may spring to mind. This is definitely too over the top for a

Questions to ask before your Bathroom Installation in London

Installing a bathroom in your home is a big deal. Whether youre having a complete refit of your current bathroom, adding a second bathroom or a luxury wet room or


The bathroom is a focal point for your home so you need it to be perfect. From the classic to modern, vintage or country, whatever your taste, you should chose

Famous Bathroom Movie Scenes and how you can get the look

The most stylish, opulent and sometimes downright odd bathrooms can be seen in the movies. Unfortunately when the end credits roll you never get to see who it was who

Bathroom design trends 2015

If you’re looking for new bathroom design trends for 2015, look no further. We’ve researched the up and coming fashions and discovered that interior designers are leaving behind the traditional