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How to mix décor and tech trends in your bathroom

There are a mind-boggling number of new bathroom tech toys out there, each with the promise of making your bathroom time more fun, easier, cleaner and even mood enhancing. As

En suite Bathrooms

An en suite bathroom used to be something that only the most expensive of homes possessed but nowadays they have become not only an affordable luxury, but also an essential

Designs for Smaller Bathrooms

Wet rooms have become an increasingly popular choice for modern bathrooms and work just as well in larger bathrooms as they do in smaller ones. However, the size of your

Nautical but Nice

Bringing the Ocean into your Bathroom. Nautical, beach and ocean-themed styles are timeless and perfectly suited to the bathroom. Not only that but they are so easy to achieve and

Luxury bathrooms for lower mobility

The bathroom should be a place where you can feel relaxed and take some time out to pamper yourself. As we get older and our mobility levels begin to decrease,

Custom bathroom furniture

Storage solutions are an integral part of any bathroom design. From towel cupboards, medicine cabinets and vanities to a place to put your shampoo, a functional bathroom design needs to

Bathroom storage solutions

Whatever size your bathroom happens to be, storage solutions are an important consideration. You’ll need somewhere to store your bathroom bits and bobs, from towels and bathrobes to lotions and