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Bathroom flooring trends – what suits you best?

There are a number of considerations to take into account before you start choosing your bathroom floor. Is your London bathroom a busy family thoroughfare or a stylish and serene

Creating a Calming Bathroom

At the end of a long, hard day, can there be anything more therapeutic than sinking into a deep, warm, bubbly bath in a bathroom designed to be your sanctuary?

50 Shades of Blue

From soothing sky blues to a stunning teal ocean, breathe a new lease of life into your bathroom with a fresh colour scheme. Blue is the ideal choice for your

Expert bathroom tile installations

Charles Christian Bathrooms provide an expert bathroom tile installation service, in and around London. From bathrooms in private homes to commercial bathrooms, wet rooms and conveniences, we source your tiles

Bathroom floor tile installation

Bathroom floor tiles offer comfort, practicality and style. Water-resistant, hygienic and durable, tiles are a popular choice for bathroom floors, and for good reason! A quality bathroom floor tile installation

Underfloor heating for bathrooms

Underfloor heating is hardly a new concept; it has been used throughout history, perhaps most notably by the Romans in their bath houses. However underfloor heating for bathrooms is a

Tiles in Bathrooms

Bathroom tiles are one of the main items that you will need to think about when creating your bathroom design and there are virtually unlimited styles, designs, sizes, materials, patterns

Shades of Grey

Use of grey has seen a surge in popularity recently both in the fashion world and interior design trends. According to chromotherapists, grey is the only colour said to have

Use of Stone in Bathrooms

For the ultimate in timeless elegance, stone such as quartz or granite gives your bathroom a classic, luxurious feel. Beautiful, hardwearing, completely natural and suitable for walls, floors and cladding,