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Extending Your Bathroom – What To Consider

Bathrooms often prove to be not only the most expensive room in the home to extend, but the most tedious as well. That’s why you will want to make sure

What to Look for in the Best Bathroom Stores and Shops in London

When it comes to working with bathroom designers and installers, you may think that every business is the same. It can’t be hard, surely, to plan, design and install a

Short on space? Wet room designs for smaller bathrooms

Wet rooms are a simplistic yet ingenious idea if you are short on space but would like to add an extra bathroom or simply make the most of your small


The bathroom is a focal point for your home so you need it to be perfect. From the classic to modern, vintage or country, whatever your taste, you should chose

Installing eco-friendly showers- tips and tricks

Being as energy as possible is increasingly becoming a priority for homeowners. We are always being made aware of our impact on the environment and encouraged to reduce it. Being

The smallest room should be beautiful… even though it’s the toilet!

“The smallest room” is a phrase used to describe the lavatory, loo, toilet or water closet (WC). Your WC may well be the smallest room in your home, but with