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2017s Best Bathroom Additions

New year, new bathroom? You may have decided that you bathroom needs some updating or you may be building one from new – either way your bathroom is somewhere you

What’s New with Bathroom Installation Services?

The bathroom is the most important room in the house but this doesn’t mean swapping style for functionality. You can – and need – both in the bathroom. The great

How to tell if you need a New Year Bathroom Remodel

For many of us, undertaking a bathroom remodel in London or anywhere else for that matter, is not something we relish the thought of. Whilst we like the idea of

Hyde Park Bathrooms for selective tastes

There are many who would support the idea that a well-designed bathroom can add value to your home but it can often be difficult to find something that really makes

Choosing Luxurious Flooring for your Bathroom

It’s easy to assume that tiles teamed with underfloor heating to offset the inevitable coldness underfoot are simply the only choice when aiming for a high-end finish in the bathroom,

Choosing the best tub for a luxurious soak

One of the best ways to calm your muscles and your senses is by taking a nice long soak in a tub. Even the hardest of days can be easily

Nautical but Nice

Bringing the Ocean into your Bathroom. Nautical, beach and ocean-themed styles are timeless and perfectly suited to the bathroom. Not only that but they are so easy to achieve and

Underfloor heating in bathrooms

As the winter draws in, imagine stepping out of your hot bath or shower onto the luxury of a gently heated floor. Wrap a beautifully warm towel around yourself from

Bathroom heating solutions | London

Bathroom heating solutions should be both practical and stylish. From radiators to heated towel rails to underfloor or concealed heating, Charles Christian Bathrooms of London supply and install a wide

Underfloor heating for bathrooms

Underfloor heating is hardly a new concept; it has been used throughout history, perhaps most notably by the Romans in their bath houses. However underfloor heating for bathrooms is a