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Wet Room Installation

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Wet rooms can be designed for and installed into small or large spaces and can offer a more practical and functional solution for your home or business than conventional showers or bathtubs. Where the size or shape of your bathroom area may limit your design, a wet room or walk-in shower could be ideal, saving space and making the bathroom area less cluttered.

Wet rooms for all

Wet rooms are often used in the hospitality sector, from hotels to campsites, from residential homes to leisure centres as they provide a hygienic and low-maintenance washroom for businesses with many visitors. We have also seen a recent surge in demand for wet rooms and walk-in showers in private homes. Wet rooms have been popular in contemporary bathroom design in Europe for some time and now more and more UK homeowners are catching on to this hottest bathroom trend.

Installing your wet room

Installing your own wet room can be a daunting task, especially if it is in an existing bathroom rather than a new build. Complications include suitable drainage, waterproofing, the rigidity of the floor and most importantly the angle of floor to enable all waste water to drain away. Our skilled wet room installation experts have many years of experience and take all of the headache out of creating your dream. We don’t cut any corners, our wet rooms are installed to the highest specifications and all of our work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Wet rooms for mobility

Wet rooms and walk-in showers can be particularly useful for people with mobility issues, as the open-plan design allows ease of accessibility. We design and install bespoke wet rooms and bathrooms to each customers exact specifications, taking into account each of their individual requirements. So should you need to ensure access for wheelchairs or mobility aids, or require safety rails, a shower seat or a slip-resistant floor, we’ll create the perfect wet room for your needs.

How will my wet room look?

Not sure how a wet room would look or don’t know if it’s possible? Our designers will come to your home at a convenient time, we’ll appraise and measure your bathroom area and show you what we can do for you using a scaled 3D computer representation. You’ll be able to envisage your new wet room installation and try out different sanitary ware, tiles and bathroom vanities. What’s more, this service is absolutely free and without obligation. Contact Charles Christian Bathrooms today to see how your wet room installation could transform your home.