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What’s New with Bathroom Installation Services?

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The bathroom is the most important room in the house but this doesn’t mean swapping style for functionality. You can – and need – both in the bathroom. The great news is, with the latest trends in bathroom installation services, you don’t need to rip out the bathroom and start again. You can easily update key aspects of the smallest room in the house and have a bathroom that is bang on trend.

Update the basin

A key trend in modern bathroom installation services is taking time to choose a material that works in terms of functionality and style. The basin is the easiest piece of bathroom furniture to replace which is why many people are opting to do it. Swap your white basin for the latest material trends;

  • Coloured ceramic basins – designers are opting for colour in a big way but they are dark and dramatic, rather than avocado green from the 1970s. Black or near black ceramic basins are ideal, with many bathroom designers favouring the shallower basin, with minimal taps to match.
  • Concrete basin – concrete is a material that with a clever installation and finish, the final look is often nothing like the grey, industrial material is started out at. If you do like a deep basin. Take a look at some of the larger concrete basins. The inside of the basin is smooth, but the outer layer is rough and industrial looking.


The bathroom can be the last place you would think to accessorise. A strong trend in terms of bathroom installation services right now is to spend time adding one or two key accessories so that your bathroom shines.

And the favoured material/colour may surprise you – brass.

Always the poor relation to the favoured silver-finish, brass has been out of the spotlight for too long. Designers have been incorporating brass-framed mirrors, taps and finishes throughout their latest bathroom installations.

The on-trend full bathroom makeover trend is…

Scandinavian minimalist design. If there is no other option and you have the budget to do so, ripping out the bathroom and starting from scratch is a necessity. Choosing an overall style can stop the bathroom from looking disjointed too and the Scandinavian minimalist design is simply perfect.

With deep basin, minimalist design taps and straight lines, it is an ideal design. Perfect for the bachelor pad or the family home, the use of ceramic with light beech woods, and non-imposing tiled finish gives the bathroom a light airy feel.

What will your new bathroom look like?